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Cheers to Chaos: Ransomware, Hacktivism, and a Cold Beer in Hand

We are observing an intensification in cyber conflicts, blurring lines between hacktivism, ransomware and other forms of cyber aggressions that have not yet been defined with the right terminology. 

Belgium has recently been impacted by threat actors impacting a Belgian brewery and coffee producer, putting Belgium on high alert. With Belgians' love for beer, the severity of these attacks is particularly alarming! Diving into the who and why, we see that Belgium is part of a global trend of ‘cross-overs’. In fact, the threat actor group endangering Belgian’s beer supply has more to the story than it first appears.

Let’s explore current ransomware trends, it’s crossovers to hacktivism in all its true forms, and the challenges to disrupt this ecosystem.

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