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Cloud Data Management in a hybrid cloud environment

Rubrik helps businesses of all sizes orchestrate the data in their hybrid cloud environment, anywhere, anytime. Saving data for a long time or recovering data to the live environment can entail time-consuming management, security risks, availability problems and more. Together with Rubrik, SecureLink provides a future-proof solution that solves these issues through easy management.

Why Rubrik?

  • Rubrik and Orange Cyberdefense closely work together to achieve the same goal: providing a secure infrastructure to our customers.
  • It is built upon a modern architecture using Hyper-Converged Infrastructure.
  • It uses a single user interface for managing all the data and features. This enables the business to use all Rubrik features in an efficient way, regardless of the data being stored on-premise, on a remote site, or on one of the available Cloud providers.
  • Rubrik is named a visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Center Backup & Recovery Solutions.
  • The technology can integrate with other products, using RESTfull API, and it can use policy-driven protection (SLA’s) which enables the automation of data management.
  • Security is a pillar of its design. Redundancy of the data is guaranteed, and the Atlas file system makes the data immutable, mitigating all crypto lockers.

The Rubrik Portfolio


All existing and new virtual machines in your environment are known to the system. This makes configuring a backup quick and simple. Rubrik can be configured in a way that new VMs are automatically protected with a backup. MS SQL, Oracle RMAN, and NAS environments are supported.

Ransomware Recovery

Minimize business downtime from ransomware with ML-driven detection and instant recoveries. Leverage native ransomware immunity and API-first platform to drive automation.

 Check it out in this overview.

Data Governance & Compliance

Discover sensitive content within your backup data. Get started with no additional infrastructure and no production impact. Automate sensitive data classification and discovery, drive consistency in policies/processes. With intensifying data breaches and non-compliance penalties, manual data governance increases risk and consumes valuable resources. Polaris Sonar applies machine learning to automate sensitive data classification for common data types, such as personally identifiable information (PII), without impacting production. Read more here.

Data Recovery & Live Mount

Thanks to the intelligent platform and the use of hyper-converged infrastructure, a quick restore can be delivered.

Additionally, every backup point can be used to spin up a VM based upon the backup. This is called a ‘Live Mount’. SQL DB’s can also use this feature.

Remote Site & Replication

virtual appliance delivers the same features as the physical appliance. The data can be replicated to other Rubrik clusters. This way a remote site is protected in the same way using the same management.

Go to the datasheet on Hybrid Multi-Cloud Replication for Disaster Recovery.


Different Cloud providers can be used to archive or to add a DR capability. Data stored on one Cloud provider can be transferred to another Cloud provider, avoiding Cloud provider lock-in.

Rubrik Polaris enables visibility and control. The customer gets a unified search for the data overall different clusters, no matter if they are working physically or virtually in the cloud.

Transform Backup Data into a Business Asset

With Rubrik, backup data doesn’t sit idle
We harness metadata into a universal ledger, intelligently capturing insights on data changes, user permissions, and access activity. Our data management applications exploit this proprietary metadata framework to address governance, compliance, data privacy regulations, ransomware activity, and cloud mobility.


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