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Barry Callebaut

Barry Callebaut boosts cyber resilience with backup and recovery solution

As the world’s largest B2B chocolate producer, Barry Callebaut manufactures high-quality chocolate and cocoa products for various chocolate brands. The organization operates from 130 locations worldwide and has more than 13,000 employees in 40 countries. Orange Cyberdefense's backup and recovery solution enables Barry Callebaut to guarantee optimal production without interruptions.

The challenge

Cybersecurity is vital for any business today, especially for a multinational like Barry Callebaut. Even in case of an incident, the chocolate producer’s production sites must run 24/7 to ensure that partners across the globe are supplied with chocolate and can guarantee their own production. A ransomware attack could have a global impact on the chocolate industry. Therefore, layered security with firewalls, data protection and a bullet-proof backup system is essential for Barry Callebaut.

Barry Callebaut developed a far-reaching cybersecurity strategy with multiple layers of protection for end users, systems, data, networks, and devices. A key component of that approach is a secure backup system capable of detecting anomalies and supplemented by response services in case of a cyber incident. “Research shows that in 80% of successful ransomware attacks, backups are targeted and destroyed. That’s why we wanted to be confident that we can rely on a bullet-proof data management platform that gives us options other than simply having to pay the requested ransom”, says Amol Gangras, Global Hybrid Datacenter Services Manager at Barry Callebaut.

The solution

Orange Cyberdefense provided a global backup and recovery managed service with anomaly detection and integrated with CSIRT services to dramatically increase Barry Callebaut’s resilience. The service is constantly evaluated and optimized through quarterly meetings. All this is closely intertwined with Barry Callebaut’s Disaster Recovery strategy. The solution guarantees a high-performing recovery process for all business-critical applications.

“When an anomaly occurs, Orange Cyberdefense is a very strong partner on whom we can rely”, says Gangras. “The Orange Cyberdefense team comes with a complete range of services. For me, this is very important; I consider Orange Cyberdefense an extension of my team. In case of any problems or when I need a new requirement or solution, we always know who to call.”

The results

Barry Callebaut’s IT team is now able to restore applications and systems themselves and prevent data loss. “We have been able to do a shift left; our people now manage to take care of recovery services on their own in locations where we sometimes need really urgent interventions”, says Gangras.

Moreover, in case of cyber incidents, the IT team can rely on the cyber security incident response team. In that event, an incident manager is assigned within a maximum of four hours to serve as a central point of contact and direct the teams of both Barry Callebaut and Orange Cyberdefense.

The future

For Barry Callebaut, data protection is essential, and we are convinced that we have made a great leap forward”, says Gangras. “But it’s also important that we continue to seek forward-looking solutions. Thanks to Orange Cyberdefense’s scalable solution, we can keep evaluating and adapting so we can rest assured in the future.”


Mathias Calluwaerts, Solution Architect

If you have any questions, feel free to ask - I've been involved in the process and am happy to help.

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