Do Pulse Secure servers support Windows 10?

Will Pulse Secure add Windows 10 to its list of supported client list?

Yes. Pulse Secure is qualifying Windows 10 using the Windows 10 Technical Preview builds. This qualification process will be an ongoing exercise until the final Windows 10 builds are released by Microsoft on July 29, 2015.

Where can I get more updates about Pulse Secure’s Windows 10 qualification updates?

This article will be updated frequently with more content related to qualification updates, links to other articles, any major issues that we find, supported release version details, etc. The updates will continue until Pulse Secure adds Windows 10 to its supported list of client operating system. Please subscribe to this article to receive email notifications about any significant updates (If you have already logged-in to the link to subscribe is on the right pane of any KB article)

What Pulse Secure software versions will support Windows 10?

  • Connect Secure (SSL VPN server) version 8.1R4 or later
  • Pulse Secure desktop client for windows version 5.1R4 or later
  • Policy Secure (UAC/NAC server) version 5.1R4 or later
  • Other versions of Pulse Secure products may work with Windows 10, but they have not been qualified by Pulse Secure.

What if I find an issue? Will Pulse Secure support assist?

Yes, during the qualification process we will continue to update any major issues and their status. If you have a use-case or issue that is not listed in this article please open a technical support case here and Pulse Secure will review it.

When will Pulse Secure support the Edge browser? What is the workaround?

Due to the removal of ActiveX support from the Edge browser, Pulse Secure clients cannot be launched or installed from the Edge browser. The workaround is to use Internet Explorer 11. Pulse Secure is investigating alternative mechanisms for launching Pulse Secure clients from the Edge browser and will provide an update when more information is available

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