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Dimence Group

Dimence Group chooses Orange Cyberdefense as security partner

Healthcare is dynamic. Due to innovations in legislation and regulations, automation, and the new way of working at multiple locations, developments never stop. That is why renewal and innovation is a continuous process for the IT, automation & services department.

The vast majority of the more than 2,800 employees of Dimence Group work on an outpatient basis, which creates a major IT challenge. “We want to offer people convenience in their workplace. People want to be able to work anywhere and have the relevant information at their disposal. This also concerns sensitive patient information. That is a great challenge, ” says René Rust, Head of Computerization and Automation at the Dimence Group.

Previously conducted penetration tests and a reference from a trusted peer in the healthcare sector ensured that Orange Cyberdefense was able to guide them in the search for the best suited security solution.


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