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Do you have a state-of-the-art firewall from Palo Alto Networks today?

In this rapidly-evolving technological world, it is crucial to check whether your firewall can still face current and future threats. Our Palo Alto experts have created a checklist with 7 items to help you protect your organization.

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Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access

The Palo Alto Networks Prisma Access offers the complete security features of the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall as a cloud-based service. The GlobalProtect Prisma Access can take over the role of the perimeter firewall for those business environments where only a minimal amount of traditional applications is offered from the data center.

Important differentiators

  • Mobile users, but also remote sites, can be adequately secured, without having to be redirected via their own data center.
  • The traffic destined for the data center or another remote site can be delivered directly and securely. In other words, the service constructs a full-mesh IPSEC VPN with the necessary security segmentation.
  • The service is managed via the same Palo Alto Networks Panorama management platform as the Next-Generation Firewall. Consequently, it is not necessary to bring together stand-alone solutions with a different management facility.
  • The service provides the same advanced protection as the Next-Generation Firewall: GlobalProtect (SSLVPN), URL Filtering, Threat Inspection (anti-malware) and Wildfire (Protection against unknown threats) and DNS Security. In other words, this is not limited to web traffic (HTTP / HTTPS) or FTP, but also inspects and filters other protocols.
  • The platform does not provide for the segmentation of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) based workloads, but it can be used seamlessly together with the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series, which is managed from the same dashboard.
  • The platform has its own cloud-based Cortex Data Lake so that operational logs do not have to be copied to and stored within the customer datacenter for long-term retention.

Prisma Access Insights is the newest feature coming up, providing a dashboard with more information about the mobile workforce and connected branches. This will bring advanced visibility, proactive assistance and capacity planning.

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