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How to prevent known and unknown Zero-Day threats?

It is not the question of 'if' but 'when' you will experience a compromise. So, you need to be able to respond quickly and effectively to protect the rest of your network when this happens and, most importantly, your data and reputation. 

How to do this? Firewall logs will always provide a wealth of information, but when do you go to look at your logs? – After you know that you have experienced a compromise or in other words too late? A SIEM is great and helps you look at your logs proactively, but again, you need time and effort to tune the alerts and information. At Orange Cyberdefense, we can help you proactively look at your security logs. We check for indicators of compromise for both known and unknown zero-day threats.

How? We can proactively look at your security logs, checking for indicators of compromise for both known and unknown, zero-day threats. We leverage the threat intelligence from your existing next-generation firewalls to stop C2 traffic from leaving your enterprise network. This threat intelligence is then sent back to your network admission controller, where the compromised host is quarantined to prevent it from spreading within your network.

What if you have different vendors' equipment in your network? That is no problem; our solution has an à la carte approach – We can integrate different vendors' next-generation firewalls, LAN/WLAN solutions, and network admission control systems.

If you would like to know how we can build this solution for you, please download our Zero Trust whitepaper, or register for our live webinar on June 21, hosted by Mieke Devos.


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