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Webinar | Cyber crisis management: the operational toolbox

Are you confident that your organization is well-equipped to handle a cyber crisis? Watch the recording of the webinar to discover the role people and technology play in executing an effective crisis management procedure.

Our CSIRT Investigations Manager, Robinson Delaugerre, and Solution Architect, Mathias Caluwaerts, will share their insights on minimizing downtime and maximizing recovery. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best.

Frequently asked questions

1. On what security standard/model is this crisis management based?

2. What type of backup do you suggest as a replacement for having an external backup?

3. I found it interesting that when a backup is 'immutable,’ it is unusable to recover the systems. How was that possible?

4. How do you look at backups for SAAS solutions? How far do you have to go here? Purely based on the SLAs of the provider, or do you go further?

5. How often should we update our incident response plan?

6. What are common challenges organizations face when testing and validating backups?

7. How can we effectively train employees on incident response procedures?

8. How can organizations ensure ongoing evaluation and improvement of their cyber resilience strategies?


Mathias Caluwaerts
Solution Architect
Robinson Delaugerre
Investigations Manager - CSIRT

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