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Reframe your SASE ambition towards SASE 2.0

SASE is an organizational mindset shift that enables people to be your new perimeter, it is not a technology product. SASE unites networking and network security, offering secure access to all users from everywhere, to maximize the value and utility of cloud-native ecosystems. It is a discipline that needs continuous monitoring, detection, and response driven by constantly evolving threat intelligence.

At Orange Cyberdefense, we’re seeing more businesses adopt the SASE framework from a security use case perspective, focusing on business needs, rather than for its connectivity capabilities. This trend is driven by the evolving security landscape and increased cyberthreats that businesses are facing, particularly ransomware, which is causing them to consolidate with a single point solutions into SSE.

Consequently Boards, C-suite leaders and business owners must now own the SASE agenda, the SASE strategy and should influence the operating model and technology investment decisions. It can no longer be delegated to infrastructure stakeholders as SASE is a business imperative, a persistent enabler across your entire organization. 

Join our webcast on Wednesday 25th October at 16:00 CET, to discover the current state of SASE and how it is evolving into SASE 2.0 and get any burning questions answered live by our SASE experts.

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