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Orange Cyberdefense Live - Ahead of the storm

In October, we organized our yearly cybersecurity event 'Orange Cyberdefense Live' in Antwerp and Brussels. This year's theme was 'Ahead of the storm'.

Throughout Orange Cyberdefense Live, we showed how you can benefit from an intelligence-led security approach. Resulting in strategic, tactical, and operational intelligence to provide agile, adaptive security to your business in the face of the threat landscape.

We organized specific days for healthcare, manufacturing, finance & insurance, and government. Each day, there were be market-related insights for each sector. 

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Location: Wijnegem (Antwerp):


October 18

Healthcare NL

October 20


October 21

Location: Evere (Brussels):

Finance & Insurance

October 25

Healthcare FR

October 27


October 28

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