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40 days of mayhem

Summarising the Ivanti Connect Secure Vulnerability - details, discovery, detection and remediation

Since the original disclosure by Ivanti of two exploitable vulnerabilities in their Ivanti Connect Secure and Ivanti Policy Secure Gateways on January 10, large parts of the security community have been dealing with almost nothing else. Information and (sometimes conflicting) updates have rained in from all over, while attacks and compromises have escalated.

As Managed Security Services Provider, our teams at Orange Cyberdefense have been at the forefront of dealing with this threat, including vulnerability discovery, attack detection, incident response, forensics and mitigation at a large scale. We've published updates on the issue on our blog post, and detailed our discovery that attackers injected a backdoor into a component of the Ivanti appliance with persistent remote access.

Join our Head of Security Research, Charl van der Walt as he moderates this technically-focused webinar featuring a panel of experts from our CERT and CSIRT Teams as they aim to summarise the development of this issue since it emerged, share what they learned about detecting and responding to the threat from our own practical efforts, and provide you the opportunity to pose questions to a panel of experts from research, intelligence and incident response.  

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Charl van der Walt
Charl van der Walt
Orange CyberdefenseHead of Security Research

Technical thought leader, spokesman and figurehead for Orange Cyberdefense world-wide, leading and managing the OC Security Research Center - a specialist security research unit within the group that helps us fulfill our mission of being a trusted partner to our customers by ensuring that we identify, track, analyze, communicate and act upon significant developments in the security landscape.

Responsible for using that intelligence and the other data, systems and human resources at the group's disposal to make a meaningful contribution of data and knowledge to the global security community.

The Security Research Center supports the OC mission by providing systems, data, intelligence and material that enable sound decision making by other group units driving growth, demonstrate our knowledge, experience and skill to all our internal and external stakeholders, and ensuring consistency between the messages we portray outwardly and the way our products and services are designed and delivered internally.

Robinson Delaugerre
Investigations Manager - CSIRT
Scott Walker
Orange CyberdefenseCSIRT Manager
Wilfried Pascault
Orange CyberdefenseHead of Vulnerability Intelligence Watch - CERT

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