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Palo Alto Networks | Application and Threat Content Release Notes

  1. Exposed a new custom IPS Vulnerability signature context, file-elf-body, that detects Executable and Linkable Format (ELF) files running over HTTP.
  2. Google Hangouts will be shipping in next week’s content release (July 1st). Google Hangouts is an instant messaging and video chat platform that replaces the following messaging products – Talk, Google+ Messenger and Hangouts, a video chat system within Google+ and some capabilities of Google Voice. Applications previously identified as google-talk, google-talk-gadget,gtalk-p2p,gtalk-voice,gmail-chat, gmail-video-chat will now be identified as one of the three applications under the google hangouts container- google-hangouts-base, google-hangouts-audio-video and google-hangouts-chat. The hangouts sub-applications would be identified as google-hangouts-base when Decryption is not enabled.With the new content release, security policies, specifically with rules to allow any of the previous google instant messaging services, must be updated with the appropriate hangouts application/s to ensure that they are not being blocked.Any existing application using the older Google services APIs would not be identified correctly unless updated with the latest hangouts APIs.

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