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Avaya announced the end of Sale of VSP 7000

When will the VSP 7000 series be end of sale?

Avaya announced the end of Sale of certain appliances on August 29, 2016.  After that date, Orange Cyberdefense will no longer sell VSP 7000 series of platforms along with all the associated part codes. Orange Cyberdefense will continue to provide support for the VSP7000 series platform for customers with an active support contract until the estimated end of support on August 29, 2022.

Which products will be end of sale?

End of Sales VSP 7000 models:

  • AL700001B-E6                  VSP 7024XLS B2F
  • AL700001F-E6                  VSP 7024XLS F2B
  • AL7000S2B-E6                  VSP 7024XT B2F
  • AL7000S2F-E6                  VSP 7024XT F2B

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Next steps

If you are currently using one of the appliances above, this is a good time to plan an upgrade. Please contact your Orange Cyberdefense Account Manager to discuss your upgrade and the enhanced functionality options. Tel: +32 3 641 9595.

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