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46% of Belgians lack essential digital skills

Last year, 46% of 16-74-year-olds in Belgium were classifiedas ‘digitally vulnerable,’ lacking essential digital skills. Poor digital know-how puts Belgians at risk of falling victim to viruses, data theft, and other scams. This is not a statement of Orange Cyberdefense but the result of a study performed by the Catholic University of Leuven. Add the fact that there are 4000 unfilled vacancies in cybersecurity in Belgium alone, and you can start to see the problem…

"It is high time we start building a safer digital society," says Filip Verstock, General Manager of Orange Cyberdefense Belgium

Digital literacy in Belgium: which profiles are at risk?

According to the Catholic University of Leuven, the most digitally-vulnerable people live in Wallonia (49%). In Flanders, 46% are vulnerable. Brussels residents are the most tech-savvy: just 39% are considered to be at risk. Regardless, the share of people with low digital skills rises in every region, especially in Flanders. Those with the lowest digital skills are Belgians from low-income groups, women, and those with low levels of education.

How can we improve digital skills in Belgium?

A cybersecurity career in just 7 months

Are you motivated to change your life and protect our society? You can start your cybersecurity career in just 7 months. To achieve this, Orange Cyberdefense partnered with BeCode.
BeCode is an organization that wants to build a safer digital society by giving everyone access to proper education, whatever their background. BeCode provides qualitative, competitive, and inclusive training accessible to all.

So, do you want to become a web developer, an AI operator, a DevSecOps developer, an SAP consultant, a pentester, or a cybersecurity analyst? All is possible.

A visit to the Cyber Experience Center of Orange Cyberdefense.

"Everyone in our digital society should have digital skills. Digitalization is already crucial and will become more important every year. In our interactive Cyber Experience Center, we train all kinds of profiles in the field of cybersecurity. With our contribution to this project, we want to maximize job opportunities for all people, regardless of their background. We aim to bridge the gap between digital talents and the Belgian job market."

- Simen Van der Perre, Strategic Advisor at Orange Cyberdefense and guide at the Cyber Experience Center

Students visiting the Orange Cyberdefense headquarters for training purposes.


"On November 14, I was invited to give a presentation to students in the training center of our partner BeCode. I am happy to contribute to this project, where we identify talents in the Belgian market. After presenting my career and evolution as a pentester, I noticed many students were interested in improving their digital literacy to start a career in cybersecurity."

- Justin McCarthy, Team Lead Assessments
at Orange Cyberdefense



Which profiles have access to this free cybersecurity training?

Are you eager to know who applies for training like this? The answer is simple: very different profiles of all age groups, genders, and origins. From unemployed people and school dropouts to Horeca employees, sports students, office managers, and call center operators. You name it!

You can read all their personal stories on the blog page of BeCode

Together, we can build a safer digital society.

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