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Jo Brees

Ethical Hacker at Orange Cyberdefense

Jo is an adept security analyst with 8+ years of expertise in penetration testing, specializing in security assessments of infrastructure, web, and mobile applications/platforms.



Etienne Verhasselt

Etienne is the Team Lead for Application Security and Ethical Hacking at Orange Cyberdefense Belgium.

His career in the cybersecurity field began in 2000. In addition to his extensive cybersecurity knowledge, he holds the title of Associate Certified Meta-Coach, accredited by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics, and brings over 30 years of sales experience in various ICT and business domains to the table.

Specifically, in the realm of application security, his focus centers on the organizational and cultural aspects of DevSecOps. His professional ethos is centered around cultivating enduring relationships, marked by an unwavering commitment to quality, continuity, meticulous follow-up, active customer referrals, and the bedrock of mutual trust.

Etienne is deeply engaged in social initiatives and operates effectively as both a team leader and a collaborative team member.

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