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Managed firewall

Orange Cyberdefense recognizes the critical role your team plays in maintaining a secure and efficient network. That’s why Orange Cyberdefense developed a Managed Firewall Service tailored specifically to enhance and support your existing Palo Alto Networks firewall infrastructure. Our goal with this service is to seamlessly integrate with your operations, providing an extra layer of expertise and assistance that elevates your security posture without diminishing the value and importance of your in-house expertise.

Our expertise


Are you concerned about your team's ability to recover from firewall configuration mistakes or unexpected events? Data loss or human error can leave your network vulnerable.

Incident Management

How does your team currently handle security incidents? Reacting quickly to threats is important to mitigate threats. Are your network engineers burdened by managing crises, hindering proactive security measures?

Problem Management

Do you have a process for identifying and resolving underlying firewall issues before they escalate into major incidents? Unidentified problems can lead to recurring security risks and network instability.

Service Requests

Is your team experience fatigue by time-consuming firewall configuration changes and rule updates? Delays in implementing security updates can leave your network exposed.

Monitoring and Event Management

Is your team constantly monitoring firewalls for potential security threats? Manual monitoring can be overwhelming, potentially leading to missed security events.

Backup and Restore

What happens if your team accidentally deletes a critical firewall configuration? Data loss can leave your network exposed and require time-consuming rebuilds.

Release Management

How confident are you that firewall updates will be smooth and take advantage of new features without disrupting operations? Complex upgrades can introduce vulnerabilities and reduce productivity.

Change Management

Is your network environment prepared for frequent changes without introducing risks or downtime? Inefficient change management can lead to security gaps and operational disruptions.

Policy Review

Are your firewall policies regularly reviewed to ensure they remain effective against evolving threats and comply with industry standards? Outdated policies leave your network vulnerable to new attacks.

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Your Next Steps

By partnering with Orange Cyberdefense your team can lean on our expertise for routine, specialized, or time-consuming tasks, secure in the knowledge that their firewalls are being managed efficiently, effectively, and according to best practices. A partnership with Orange Cyberdefense is thus about enhancing your team's capabilities and ensuring that your network's security posture is as strong as it can be.

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