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Cybersoc cortex XDR

Palo Alto Networks firewalls are integral to enhancing your security posture by providing detailed logs that offer insights into potential threats at every stage of the kill chain. These logs contain rich data on traffic patterns, user activity, and application usage, enabling you to detect anomalies and indicators of compromise early on. However, to truly maximize the effectiveness of this information, integrating with Cortex XDR can take your security to the next level.

Cortex XDR by Palo Alto Networks is an extended detection and response platform that complements your existing firewall infrastructure. By correlating the wealth of data from your firewall logs with information from across your network, endpoints, and cloud environments, Cortex XDR provides a holistic view of your organization's threat landscape.


With Cortex XDR, you can:

1// Enhance Visibility
Gain a comprehensive, unified view of all data and threats across your network, endpoints, and clouds, allowing for faster identification of malicious activities within the kill chain.

2// Simplify Analysis
everage advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to quickly pinpoint and understand complex threats without manually sorting through logs.

3// Speed Up Response
Automate threat hunting and investigation processes, reducing the time it takes to respond to and mitigate threats.

4// Increase Accuracy:
educe false positives and ensure more precise detection by leveraging the integration between your firewall and Cortex XDR, which contextualizes firewall log data within a broader security perspective.

What you acquire

By combining the detailed log information from your Palo Alto Networks firewall with the advanced capabilities of Cortex XDR, you enhance your visibility and control over the entire attack lifecycle. This powerful combination allows you to not only see more but also do more, enabling proactive defence strategies and a stronger, more resilient security posture.

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