Cloud security

Cloud gives you flexibility, scalability and agility.

But how do you secure your processes?

Understanding cloud-specific requirements allows you to plan, design, implement and run your cybersecurity program efficiently. With cloud, critical data is stored and processed in different environments, often from different providers. Users access data and applications from everywhere, at any time, from various device types. These technological advances change how we deal with cybersecurity. We need to adapt to a more diversified environment. Cloud security is about efficiently orchestrating and automating events, to enable quick detection of and response to cybersecurity incidents. It is about eliminating complexity, it is about agility and flexibility.

Three cloud security challenges

Every organization adopts cloud differently and has a different risk appetite. Most of them need to deal with three challenges:

Manage & control cloud security

Protect data, identities & applications

Manage the multi-cloud complexity

Cloud value without the risk

Organizations use cloud to enable new business opportunities and to support their digital transformation, but security is often applied as an afterthought, if at all. At Orange Cyberdefense, we are building a safer digital society. This means grasping business opportunities while also ensuring critical assets and processes are protected. With Orange Cyberdefense as your trusted partner in cloud security, we will guide you along the path of people, processes and technology, to safely enable your organization’s business.

Cloud and security: aligning paths

Orange Cyberdefense is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and services. We have the expertise to guide and help you in securing your cloud journey. We base our solutions on our extensive cybersecurity knowledge, coupled with an understanding of the modern requirements related to cloud. We help you navigate the landscape of securing data, managing identities and applications with a zero trust model, automating and orchestrating your security, and detecting and responding to incidents.

The cloud can create a storm of complexity

With the growing use of cloud-based services, there can be a lot of moving pieces to monitor and manage.
And manual security management tools are not sufficient to cope with this complexity.

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Whitepaper: How can you protect what you can’t see?

Driven by a global health crisis and the most extensive remote working program the world has ever seen, the adoption of cloud‑based services and platforms has surged during the pandemic. We have seen how cloud has served as a business enabler by allowing organizations worldwide to provide new and additional functionality to a remote workforce.

Unfortunately, this wave of often quickly implemented solutions has contributed to the exponential growth and changing nature of the threat landscape. How can you be confident that your cloud‑based estate is sufficiently protected against these existing and emerging threats?


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