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Caught in a cyber crisis? Get ready to catch your digital fire hose.

In the digital age, every organization is just one click away from a cyber crisis that can threaten its very existence. When you find yourself in the heat of the crisis, survival isn't a matter of luck; it's a product of strategic resilience.
Do you know how to extinguish the digital flames or will you go down and burn? Join us for a riveting session that unveils the secrets of cyber crisis management. Learn the crucial steps to take DURING a cyber crisis and gain insights into the most effective crisis-handling strategies.
It is time you master the art of staying cool while battling the digital inferno!

Jan De Bondt
Director Audit & Business Consultancy • Business Development
Orange Cyberdefense
Steven  De Munter
Business Consultant Cyber Security • Audit & Business Consultancy
Orange Cyberdefense



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