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Cyber-attack: the day after (and much longer)

The H.H. Hospital of Mol found itself in the heat of two crises...

In the middle of a full corona pandemic, they were hit by a cyber-attack. What were the immediate consequences? What was the impact on the healthcare provision? How did the hospital respond to the ransom demand? How did the recovery go? What are the long-term effects on the hospital and its employees?
Dr. Ivo Jacobs will take you through the true story of the cyber-attack, from A to Z. He will openly share what happened and what the consequences were. Next to that, he will share how they will extinguish new threats in the future based on the lessons learned.

Ignite your crisis management skills and re-live the cyber-attack with him!

Ivo Jacobs
H.H. Hospital of Mol 
Managing Director

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