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Discovering Security Navigator 2024

In November 2023 we released the latest Security Navigator, containing research-driven insights and designed to provide the ‘big picture’ of cybersecurity.

Our most comprehensive edition yet features: 

  • 100% first-hand information from our operations and research teams

  • Invaluable insights into the threat landscape

  • Expert reports and expert reviews on topics like Cyber Extortion, Vulnerability Management, Hacktivism

  • Attack patterns and statistics for different business sizes and industries

  • Analysis of the most disrupting events in 2023 and what to expect in the future

We have invited our Head of Security Research and a key author of this paper, Charl van der Walt, to moderate a panel of global experts from Orange Cyberdefense to provide an overview and dive deep into the key trends and most exciting insights our researchers and technical experts have analyzed and reported in this 180-page document.

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Charl van der Walt

Head of Security Research

Jort Kollerie

Strategic Advisor

Simen van der Perre

Strategic Advisor

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