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How does Astrid enable emergency and security services to work efficiently and safely in a rapid evolving cyberthreat landscape?

ASTRID operates one of the most critical environments in Belgium: the national radio communications, paging, and dispatching network designed for emergency and security services in Belgium. ASTRID enables the police, fire services, emergency medical services , and other organizations involved in public safety to improve both internal and interdisciplinary communications. Currently, over 70.000 people use ASTRID communications.

It is evident that ASTRID does everything in their power to avoid downtime. A solid cybersecurity strategy is thus crucial. But, the threat landscape changes continuously. In order to follow up on security alerts, ASTRID opted for a CyberSOC and an additional Incident Response service. This is different from the SOC they had before. Why did they change? Where do their challenges lie? And how does ASTRID see the future? Find out on October 28 during Christophe Grégoire’s session.

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