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Problem solver by nature

Michelle Skjødt-Davis, Service Delivery Manager

As Service Delivery Manager, Michelle Skjødt-Davis ensures that Orange Cyberdefense's delivery of Managed Services always reflects the customers’ service agreements and Service Levels. No matter what situation arises, the customers can always contact Michelle. Her job is to find solutions and help solve the customers problems. She ensures that all problems are handled quickly and efficiently - and that the right resources are allocated to each project, while all communication runs smoothly so everyone gets the necessary information.

All of this helps to ensure that Orange Cyberdefense's deliveries always meet the customers' expectations, and it is precisely as the link between customers and colleagues that Michelle thrives best. She sees her function as "the bass in the music", and she is very comfortable with that role. Especially because it brings her close to both customers and colleagues, but also because she loves a good challenge and daily customer contact.

"In my previous job I worked as a Changes Manager, but after a while I started to feel a bit distant from the customers. I missed the close customer contact and dialogue - and I missed having a more direct influence on the core business. All of which I have now in my role as Service Delivery Manager at Orange Cyberdefense. The role is varied, and every day is full of exciting new challenges. It suits me very well", says Michelle Skjødt-Davis.

What is a good working day?

Michelle is, and always has been a problem solver. So, when it comes to navigating between client expectations, schedules, ongoing input from colleagues and unforeseen obstacles, Michelle is a natural fighter. She is fully aware that everything can’t always be perfect.

"My job satisfaction is probably greatest when we, as a team, manage to solve large problem that means a lot to the customer. It is the direct path to creating a strong bond and a good long-term relationship with the customer, which in the long run can mean additional sales for our business. Because who would part with a supplier who is fighting hard for them to overcome their obstacles? But there is also great personal satisfaction in creating strong results. It gives my working life meaning and energy to throw myself over the next big challenges", says Michelle.

Short way to the boss's table

Another big advantage of her switch to Orange Cyberdefense is that she now works in a flatter organization, where it is easier to get management's attention when it is needed. All employees sit in an open office environment, where it is easy for everyone to speak up ang get heard regardless of their function and position. It’s a part of the organization culture which creates a good team spirit and an agile work culture, because the decision making goes faster than in more hierarchical organizations. This suits Michelle's temperament and way of working incredibly well.

The short chain of command also extends beyond Denmark's borders for example when she asks for help from a colleague in one of Orange Cyberdefense's other country offices. Here she finds that her colleagues are always incredibly willing to help her find quick and good solutions. Michelle often experiences how the mobilization of her large internal network, and a solid, international background makes it much easier to solve unforeseen problems before they grow larger than necessary.

Safety matters SO much

Michelle has worked in the IT industry for several years, but until November 2022 it was not in the cards for her to switch to IT security. When she got the opportunity, she took it and she hasn't looked back since. For Michelle it makes incredibly good sense to work with IT and cyber security, because it is an important area that is of great importance to all companies, organizations, and authorities.

"Cyber security means more and more to our customers. It is no longer "nice to have", but a cornerstone of modern business operations. We are working with something very important, and it gives me a nice feeling of being useful. In my job, I can make a real difference for people, and I think that's a feeling everyone likes", says Michelle.

Most men - no problem

When she tells people she works in IT security, they sometimes say, "Wait, are you that nerdy?" Or: "Isn't it mostly for men?" But it’s not as black and white - the reality is more nuanced than that. It is true that there are more men than women in the industry, but for Michelle that does not make everyday life more difficult or challenging.

"I don't see myself as particularly nerdy, and I'm perfectly fine with having mostly male colleagues. But if I could choose freely, I would like to have more female colleagues. A good balance between the genders is number one. It gives the best perspective on things – even in a so-called "nerdy" industry like ours", says Michelle.

Dear fellow sisters: Do it!

Michelle took the leap to IT security less than two years ago and therefore she has many of her own considerations fresh in her mind. Her advice to other women, who consider entering the IT or cyber security business is:

Give the IT security industry a chance - we have room for many more talented women. Don't be scared off what others say about technology and nerdiness. If you think it sounds interesting to contribute to build a safer digital society - then jump into it. Orange Cyberdefense is a very inclusive organization, and what you don't already know, we have countless of courses which can help you learn more and become a true expert within your field.

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