Equality, diversity, and inclusion is a part of our DNA 

At Orange Cyberdefense we have created a global network across the entire organization called WOMEN@OrangeCyberdefense. Its purpose is to increase the visibility around our many talented female colleagues and create a strong community that can help promote equality, diversity, and inclusion in all parts and at all levels of the organization.

WOMEN@OrangeCyberdefense is an open forum for all women at Orange Cyberdefense who want to be challenged, network with other women across the organization or mentor younger female colleagues.

Create an attractive and inspiring working environment

Through WOMEN@OrangeCyberdefense we want to give all our female colleagues even better opportunities to fulfill their ambitions and exploit their full potential. As a company we would like to constantly be able to challenge, inspire, and recognize all our employees and create an attractive working environment where women thrive.

We strongly believe that people who have the opportunity to develop and improve their professional skills in a diverse and inclusive working environment are happier, more motivated and thrive much better. To us this is the foundation for a strong culture and cohesion across the organization and we are convinced that it has a positive effect on the results we create and achieve together.

We believe we have a great workplace that has a lot to offer women. Unfortunately, not so many women have discovered us - yet! But we are determined to change that, because we want to be able to attract many more talented women to Orange Cyberdefense in the future.

Here you can get to know some of our many talented women and learn more about their work and how it is to be a woman working with Cyber Security in the IT industry – from their perspective.

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