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Orange Cyberdefense Danmark and NetClean Technologies join forces to help Danish companies improve their protection against Child Sexual Abuse Material

Every year more and more Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) is discovered on the internet. Some of it is being accessed via corporate computers by employees trying hard to cover their tracks. To expose these criminal acts and protect more children from sexual abuse Orange Cyberdefense Danmark has entered a new partnership with NetClean Technologies – world leader in anti-CSAM solutions. All profits from our NetClean-sales in Denmark will be donated to the Danish branch of Save the Children.

It's a tough question – but: Can you rule out the possibility that one of your employees is accessing Child Sexual Abuse Material on a computer or smartphone provided by your organization?

Probably not – and how would you? People involved with CSAM are likely to do everything in their power to hide their wrongdoings. To make matters worse, authorities and NGOs across the world have reported a significant spike in CSAM material on the internet due to the pandemic. Probably because working from home provides more privacy.


“You might think: Who on Earth would be reckless enough to use their work computer for something that bad? One explanation is that the urge to watch CSAM is an addiction. Besides, work-computers are very private and seldomly shared with other people”, says Mårten Toll-Söderblom, Managing Director at Orange Cyberdefense Danmark.


A 2018 analysis of more than 270.000 corporate computers showed, that 1 out of 500 employees has accessed content known to be CSAM. Not only can this cause serious damage to brand value and reputation, but it also increases the risk of cybercrime as people searching for CSAM often use the dark web. And should their secret be discovered by hackers; they are more than likely to become targets of blackmail.

It's time to act

At Orange Cyberdefense we wish to act on this growing problem and help our customers do the same. This is why we recently entered a new partnership with Swedish company NetClean Technologies – the world’s leading developer of corporate anti-CSAM solutions. Think of their products as antivirus software – but instead of viruses, they search for images and videos classified as CSAM.


“NetClean's mission is to develop software that reduces real-world harm to children. We do this by helping our customers protect their IT environments and expose presence of CSAM. Our aim is to create a positive and systemic impact around the globe – and we are well on our way: NetClean software is now installed on more than 1,5 million devices in more than 100 countries and the numbers grow every year, says Anna Borgström”, CEO of NetClean Technologies.

How it works

NetClean Technologies solutions are highly scalable and can be deployed on any number of employee computers and smartphones. The software runs discreetly in the background requiring only a minimum of system resources.

Every file handled on the device is matched against a database of digital signatures, a kind of digital fingerprint, for known CSAM. These signatures are provided by authorities from all over the world, and if a match is found, a silent alert is sent to a designated person within the company. All data from the incident can then be used in further internal investigations and in contact with the police.

This approach has the advantage that no one in the company needs to see the actual images or videos, which are often of a very disturbing nature. Even if files undergo changes like resizing or conversion to black and white, advanced algorithms will detect them anyway. All in all, this makes NetClean Technologies solutions a highly efficient tool for fighting CSAM from a corporate point of view.


“We have found that Orange Cyberdefense Danmark shares our values regarding customers, society, and stakeholders. The new partnership makes us stronger together and in closer reach of many Danish companies well positioned to make a great impact in the fight against CSAM”, says Anna Borgström.


Orange Cyberdefense Danmark enters the partnership with a pledge to donate all profits from sale of NetClean Technologies products to the Danish branch of Save the Children (Red Barnet).

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