Security Navigator 2022

Research-driven insights to build a safer digital society

  • Get the ‘big picture’ of cybersecurity
  • 100% first-hand information from the 17 global SOCs & CyberSOCs of Orange Cyberdefense, the Epidemiology Labs & World Watch
  • Gain invaluable insights into the threat landscape
  • Expert reports and technology reviews on topics like videoconferencing solutions and the cybercrime ecosystem
  • Check attack patterns and statistics for your business size and vertical
  • Learn what the most disrupting events in 2020 were and how that projects into the future
  • Find these stories and many more in the free report!

Some vibrant stories from the report:

  • 18 pages of CyberSOC statistics
  • 12 pages of World Watch observations
  • Pentesting and CSIRT stories: including a case of possibly state-backed hacking and a red-team exercise
  • Security deep-dives into the criminology of Ransomware and the analysis of 3000+ leak threats across 67 distinct actors involved with cyber-extortion
  • Security predictions: Shifting to “happy investments” by addressing three key areas of security in a different way

Funnel: 94,806 incidents ▶ 34,158 confirmed security issues

Cyber Extortion: leak threats

Cyber Extortion leak threat victims by country

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