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Vores globale virtuelle event: World 2021
Vores globale virtuelle event: World 2021

Fighting cyber insecurity: the power of community in a contagious reality.

Let's build a safer digital society together

Time to take the power back

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Join our half-day, virtual event to gain insight from our subject matter experts and researchers on the systemic factors that drive the advances in cybersecurity. How has your ability to detect, protect and respond been impacted in this new context? Hear first hand our lesson’s from the trenches.

Cybersecurity is a shared problem.

Recent incidents like the SolarWinds and Kaseya compromises have clearly revealed how vulnerable we are to attacks via the supply chain, but they also illustrate just how interdependent computer systems and the businesses that use them are with one-another.

Interdependence is an attribute of cyberspace and one of the systemic factors that perpetuate the cybersecurity challenge. Like people within communities, our safety and security in cyberspace cannot be built in isolation. Rather, the COVID pandemic has taught us that our actions and choices affect others, just as their behaviours affect us.

But interdependence is not just a threat to us, it is also a strength that we can build on to improve our collective resilience in the face of growing cyberthreats.

At this year’s World Webcast 2021 we explore the question of interdependence, first as a key factor in the threat landscape, but then as a pillar on which we can build stronger and more resilient ecosystems to counter a complex and growing threat.

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Take a deep dive into the agenda

At what time? (CET) What are we talking about?  
08:00 Discover the virtual lobby  
10:00 Welcome to the live show  
10:05 Executive panel with Stephane Richard & Hugues Foulon  
10:20 Keynote panel: Fighting cyber threats with the power of community  
11:05 Break  
11:10 Expert solution panel to tackle: "Which approaches should we consider to expand our abilities to detect and respond to threats”?  
11:40 Expert solution panel exploring: "Where and how should businesses start their cloud security journey?".  
12:10 Break  
12:15 Inspirational speaker (surprise)  
12:20 Country talks  
13:00 Discover the virtual lobby  

Line-up of speakers

Stephane Richard 

Chief Executive Officer - Orange Group

Hugues Foulon

Chief Executive Officer - Orange Cyberdefense

Quentin Toussaint

Executive Vice President - Orange Cyberdefense

Charl van der Walt

Head of Security Research - Orange Cyberdefense

Grant Paling

Product Manager - Orange Cyberdefense

Kenneth Gullberg

Business Area Manager Cloud Security PS - Orange Cyberdefense Sweden

Nicola Jakeman

Head of CyberSoc - Orange Cyberdefense UK

Stefan Lager

SVP Global Service Lines - Orange Cyberdefense

Simen Van der Perre

Strategic Advisor - Orange Cyberdefense Belgium

Geoff White

Cybercrime investigative journalist and moderator

6 reasons why World Webcast 2021 is worth your time:

You are

a CISO, CTO, IT Director or security professional and eager to find out how to protect your business, manage detection of lingering threats and respond to attacks

Get first hand insights

into current and emerging threats when we present research and intelligence-based key findings


a half-day of highly interactive and immersive live online sessions, led by leading experts in the cybersecurity industry

Live Q&A

to pose your most urgent questions and have these addressed live by several speakers at once

The program

topics are pinpointed to your top critical issues and challenges

Credits for your attendance

1hour = 1 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit during your three-year (ISC)2 certification

Can’t make it? Don’t worry! The content will be long-term available. Sign-up anyways, to gain access to the recorded sessions and the presentations right after the event.

Due to limited capacity, registrations from technology vendors, competitors or non-IT professionals will be rejected.

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Explore the virtual lobby and discover our solutions

Our virtual lobby features six stands.

We have assigned a specific solution to each stand, as follows:

  • Managed Detection and Response
  • Secure Access Service Edge
  • Cloud Security
  • Securing O365 services
  • OT security
  • Ethical hacking

Delegates can navigate through the lobby to visit our stands and interact with the content.

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