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Malicious File Detection

Reduce the risk of introducing a malware in your internal network

Malwares remain one of the top concern of security teams with 40% of incidents being due to malwares.

The most common solution to protect against malwares is the antivirus. Antivirus can be intergrated into EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) solutions or used as stand-alone solutions. 

A single antivirus cannot cover all the threat landscape itself. To make sure you are not missing any new malware, it is important to diversify your tools.


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We help you detect and analyze suspicious files before they enter your internal network

Malicious File Detection is here to help you to reduce the risk of introducing a malware in your internal network:

  • Identify malwares in files to get rid of any doubts in few seconds 
  • Different antivirus solutions combined to perform the malware analysis, with enhanced detection capabilities
  • Data confidentiality ensured thanks to the on-premise solution
  • In-depth file analysis with a report made available with combined results from different antivirus
  • Administration interface made available for customer administration to manage user access

An easy solution to integrate in your workflow or internal processes

Key benefits


Don’t miss any malware, even the unknown ones, with a combination of 10 market leading antivirus engines, customized Yara rules ​and our sandboxing solution.


Data confidentiality is ensured thanks to an on-premise solution. Your data stays in your premises.


Only 3 seconds needed to analyze a suspicious file and clear all doubts. Take advantage of an easy integration in your workflow using API.


No limitations on the quantity of submissions and users, and the hardware-based detection of malicious files can be scaled up significantly.

About the Orange Cyberdefense CERT

Expertise & full-time monitoring

Our experts located globally (8 locations) are continuously monitoring threats, vulnerabilities and attack trends.​ 

  • 1st private CERT in Europe​.
  • Over 20 years of expertise in monitoring malwares, vulnerabilities, cybercrime.

Globally trusted partner

Major clients internationally, giving us a unique overview of the latest challenges and threats from cybercriminals.

Large scope of work

We ease the burden on your Security and IT teams by taking some of the load and providing additional value such as global threat intelligence and vulnerability insight.

Integrated approach

Cross-functional teams delivering vulnerability intelligence, global threat advisories, targeted threat intelligence and incident response services.

Incident Response Hotline

Facing cyber incidents right now?

Contact our 24/7/365 world wide service incident response hotline.