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Threat Intelligence

“You better know your enemy.”

Threat intelligence is knowledge based on fact and evidence about the threat situation to the company from outside. TI knowledge primarily includes context, mechanisms, indicators, implications and recommendations for action against current threats. Services that make this information available are called Threat Intelligence Service. Data on threats and attacks are collected and evaluated worldwide. The sources used are honeypots, sinkholes and research teams. TI information supports SIEM systems and NG firewalls with automated evaluation, as does security analysts in evaluating and avoiding attacks.

What Threat Intelligence offers you

  • a comprehensive picture of the global threat situation
  • Intelligence platform with contextual information on malware found
  • Increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of the SOC by integrating TI feeds into the security solutions (NG firewall, SIEM)
  • wide range of solutions in the portfolio that processes TI feeds (Palo Alto Networks, Micro Focus ArcSight, LogRhythm)
  • Provision as a product and as a service
  • Consulting and implementation of TI solutions
  • IoC Exchange through a combination of “Best of Breed” solutions

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That is only a fraction of what the SIEM & SOC Technology division is all about. Do you want to set up or improve your own SOC? Do you need a coordinated incident response concept to supplement it? Would you like to harness the power of threat intelligence?

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