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Log-based detection & response

Why log-based detection and response?

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No protection is infallible. It is therefore all the more important to be prepared for situations where attackers undermine or circumvent protective measures. Reliably detecting intrusions is the essential foundation for successful cyber-attack prevention and a key feature for organizations to protect themselves from the damage of extensive breaches.

The cybersecurity analysts in our CyberSOCs, with eleven globally dispersed hubs, use state-of-the-art technology and proven processes to monitor the IT environments of our customers based on a wide array of log data. Having been through our extensive CyberSOC introduction training program, our analysts provide the skills and knowledge to fully realize the power of advanced log analytics.

Threat Detection Framework

Visualizing and modeling your detection objectives is important.  You have to know what you want to do, the impact it will have and the visibility you will get when you are thinking about log-based detection.  

Our Threat Detection Framework gives you the data to make those decisions. Log-based detection has dependencies on the data that is consumed by the service. It is important to understand those dependencies to make the right decisions and to educate the wider business on the security value of log data.


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Intelligence-led security

The road to your own SOC

As a complement to the technology you invest in, more and more organizations are choosing to set up their own SOC (Security Operations Center). This white paper aims to guide you on how to set up your own SOC. There are many important parts to keep in mind when setting up a SOC – no matter what level of ambition you choose.

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