Omdia: Orange Cyberdefense er anerkjent som en markedsutfordrer


Orange Cyberdefense er anerkjent som en markedsutfordrer i kategorien it-sikkerhetstjenester

In the Omdia Universe: Global IT Security Services Provider 2022-23 report, Orange Cyberdefense is recognized as a challenger. Challengers are categorized to offer a high degree of integrated security service capability and positive customer experience. Challengers usually excel in one or more service domains and regions.

Omdia says “Orange Cyberdefense should appear on enterprise shortlists because of its market-leading European presence, IoT experience, and growing threat detection and response capabilities.” 

This Universe will assist any CIO, CTO, or chief information security officer (CISO), and any other senior decision-makers responsible for shortlisting providers best suited to their security requirements.

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Universe assessment

Orange Cyberdefense received a final peer recommendation score of +34 across global surveyed customers, ranking fifth among Universe peers this year.

Customers are most likely to recommend the provider’s MSSP and cybersecurity consulting, integration & advisory services, where it ranked third and fourth, respectively.

The provider organized solid customer references again this year among clients expressing a high degree of confidence in Orange Cyberdefense’s expertise and willingness to be flexible in service delivery.


Orange Cyberdefense’s strengths include continued capability expansion across MSS & advisory, growing customer base and scale, customer references, and multivendor support.

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