Security intelligence

Regardless of how good your security is, there will be incidents.

It’s not the cards you’re dealt – it’s how you play the game.

Detection, analysis and response processes are critical to minimize business impact. Security intelligence requires advanced technology, skilled personnel, and efficient processes to provide organizations with the desired detection and response capabilities. Such capabilities can be in-house, sourced externally or a combination of both, but they are critical components of any security program.

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Collecting data to build the picture

Detection technology must be applied at many levels to get an overview of security events in your environment. This includes endpoints, networks, security log data, user behavior, etc. In order to get the full picture and draw the right conclusions, advanced security intelligence and analysis technology is required. This includes contextualizing of security data, analysis based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, and security orchestration, automation and response.

With the appropriate detection and analysis technology in place, the “people and process” functions need to be designed and implemented to ensure that security incident and remediation works efficiently.

Orange Cyberdefense offers leading technology, advanced detection and response services, as well as custom advisory services, to help organizations maximize their security intelligence and security defense functions.

The power of scale and proven process

Orange Cyberdefense offers leading technology, advanced detection and response services, and custom advisory services, to help an organization maximize its security intelligence and security defense functions. Regardless of whether the function is built in-house or based on trusted partnerships and advanced service capabilities, Orange Cyberdefense helps design and optimize the function to meet the requirements of the customer. Orange Cyberdefense has several operation centers. This means dozens of employees are working around the clock to provide advanced security intelligence, analysis and response services to our customers. Orange Cyberdefense is the

skilled, extended arm of customers’ security functions, available and active 24×7.


Reducing impact of incidents

With efficient capability to detect and respond to security incidents, organizations minimize their security risks. Negative consequences of security breaches are reduced, and compliance requirements can be met. In addition, well managed security responses and communication minimize the risks of negative brand value in relation to public security incidents.

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