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Operate & Support

Stop chasing tickets and fighting fires.

Let Orange Cyberdefense help you optimize your operations and support for your security technology. Let us help you move from reactive to proactive!

Many organizations fail at running their security technology with the diligence and proactivity required. This leads to unwanted downtime, security vulnerabilities, and poor user experience.

Lifecycle management is key to technology value

Security technology operations often needs a large degree of proactivity and structure around it to be effective. Without proper change controls, unexpected holes may be created in the protective barriers, allowing for unwanted access or data leakage. Modern security products are not one-size-fits-all, or single-function tools. On the contrary, they are often equipped with advanced features, relying on machine learning and artificial intelligence for continuous improvement. This raises the requirements for the maintenance and operation of the products. They need to be constantly monitored and tuned to provide the best protection. As they often provide business-critical functions, they also need to have a high availability. Downtime must be prevented, and quickly managed if it should occur.

Minimizing downtime, optimal results

Organizations with efficient operation of their security infrastructure can obtain the desired security and protection levels. They minimize downtime with advanced and rapid support for unexpected problems. They act proactively as opposed to reactively, preventing incidents and increasing return on investment.

Our SOCs give you peace of mind

Orange Cyberdefense operates 18 SOC and support functions, equipped with leading security product experts. They operate your equipment proactively and prevent downtime. In case of incidents, they give you expert advice based on superior product knowledge and experience from many different customer environments.

Orange Cyberdefense offers the following service elements within Operate & Support:

  • Managed Security Services 
    • A suite of services designed for efficient prevention, including next-generation endpoint management and vulnerability management
  • Maintenance & operations 
    • Operational services for leading security technology platforms delivered by product experts
  • Support 
    • 24×7 support services to help effectively manage product failures or incidents
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Fight smarter, not harder!

To get ahead of the storm, one has to know the weather. And for long-term planning, it is inevitable to get expert insight into climate changes.

Though the cyber threat landscape appears to be volatile, fast-changing and chaotic at first glance, it is driven by systemic forces. Reading these forces will result in better, more effective prevention, detection and response.

That is why intelligence is at the heart of everything we do.

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