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Executive Advisory

The power to make decisions based on data and context

Strategic security consultancy is addressing board and senior leadership level requirements, including delivery of an organisational security road-map, budget planning, industry benchmarks, board level reporting and support.

It's a challenge to maintain staff with specialist security skills in all security areas and technologies, able to keep track with every new threat and whether it applies to their organization.

Orange Cyberdefense’s Threat advisory service collects, aggregates and contextualises global, geographical and vertical threat and vulnerability intelligence to provide actionable security intelligence relevant to the business, it’s infrastructure, processes and applications. Advisories are issued in a concise, easy-to-read format enabling an organisation to respond appropriately to new developments.

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Orange Cyberdefense’s Threat advisory service works on behalf of the customer to: 

  • Collect
  • Analyse
  • Prioritise
  • Contextualise
  • Summarise.

The essential threat and vulnerability data our customers need to make good decisions, whilst filtering out ‘F.U.D’ and other hyperbole that can distract and disorient one.
The service takes in a continuous stream of data from a variety of open and proprietary data sources then manually triages it and distributes in a concise form it to clients that it will impact so that security professionals have a continuous 360-degree view of what’s happening in the world, how that effects their environments and what should be done about it.

Incident Response Hotline

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