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Anita Holseth

Anita Holseth

Senior Security Consultant - Norway

My job is to help our customers prepare for the next crisis by improving their crisis management framework and conducting crisis management exercises.

How we should build a safer digital society?

By making sure our customers are as prepared as they can be for the next big crisis, meaning that I will help them prepare for both known scenarios but also for the unknown. By developing an organization’s crisis management capability, the organization will have a better change of managing a crisis in an appropriate and efficient manner; reducing the impacts and the scale of the crisis. I help build a safer digital society by making sure our customers are prepared for what may come their way. 

What #NoBiasInCyber means to me:

That I will be acknowledged and respected for my abilities, competence and experience – regardless of my gender, age or how I choose to dress at work.


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