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Webcast: Cy-Xplorer 2023 - Discussing cyber extortion trends and patterns

In 2022, we recorded 2,110 victims found on cyber extortion (Cy-X) leak sites on the dark web. A slight downward trend compared to what we have previously been observing; the outlook for Q1 2023 already shows a high increase in victim count. Why this is, is still an open question. One potential explanation could be the ongoing war against Ukraine by Russia.

Join our webcast to learn about the trends and impact of cyber-extortion on Thursday, 8 June, at 2 pm BST / 15:00 CET / 9:00 AM US EST. Discover the potential effects on the Cy-X ecosystem and the threat actors behind these concerning attacks as published in our latest annual Cy-Xplorer 2023 report.​​​​​​​


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Charl van der Walt 

Head of Security Research

Diana Selck-Paulsson 

Lead Security Researcher

Vincent Hinderer

Cyber Threat Intelligence team leader

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