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Orange Cyberdefense Live 2023

In Orange Cyberdefense we are happy to invite you to our biggest event of the year “Orange Cyberdefense Live 2023 – Build a safer digital society”

Here you have a unique opportunity to meet some of our dedicated and experienced cyber security specialists, researchers, and analysts. They will inspire you with their unique insights and knowledge and challenge your present approach to cyber security and cyber security strategy.

In addition we also present a highly relevant and interesting customer case and an exciting external keynote speaker.


Furthermore, you have the opportunity to meet our vendors Palo Alto Networks, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd – Denmark, Fortinet, Vectra, Proofpoint, Akamai, NetClean, Netskope, AlgoSec, F5, Microsoft and Orange Business Service. 

Why attend?

Attending this event will update you on the latest research and trends and you will learn why this is important from a business perspective. You will be able to network with other customers and gain new knowledge and inspiration for your everyday work. Furthermore, it gives you a unique opportunity to learn more about us and our offerings and talk to all our experts and vendors.


Orange Cyberdefense welcomes you to Orange Cyberdefense Live 2023. Mårten Toll-Söderblom, Managing Director, Orange Cyberdefense Denmark.

09.45-10.30: Registration and networking with Orange Cyberdefense’s experts and vendors

10.30-10.50: Welcome and introduction of agenda by Mårten Toll-Söderblom, Managing Director, Orange Cyberdefense Denmark

10.55-11.20: 1. Break-out session: Palo Alto Networks / Akamai

11.25-11.50: 2. Break-out session: Check Point Technologies Ltd / Proofpoint

11.55-12.20: 3. Break-out session: Fortinet / Vectra

12.25-13.00: Lunch and networking with Orange Cyberdefense and vendors

13.05-13.45: Climate Change, Tracking the key themes in cybersecurity that are shaping the landscape: Charl Van der Walt, Head of Security Research, Orange Cyberdefense Group

13.50-14.15:A short introduction to Orange Cyberdefense and our main focus areas in 2023: Ulrik Ledertoug, Director of Business Development and Services & Søren Pedersen, Chief Security Officer, Orange Cyberdefense Denmark

14.20-14.45: Customer presentation

14.45-15.15: Coffee break and networking with Orange Cyberdefense’s experts and vendors

15.20-15.50: Intelligence-Led Managed Services knowing you better than you know yourself: Grant Paling, Product Manager, Global Service Lines, Orange Cyberdefense Group

15.55-16.20:  A day in the life of an ethical hacker: Mia Landsem, Security Consultant / Ethical Hacker / Pentester, Orange Cyberdefense Norway

16.20-16.50:Child sexual abuse material - why it’s a security threat that should be on every CISO’s radar: Michaela Wigelius, Partner Sales Executive, NetClean & Tom Engly, former CISO/CSO Tryg

16.50-17.00: Short break

17.05-17.50:The hostage negotiator - my Life in a war-roomMichael Andersen, Management philosopher and ransomware hostage negotiator

17.50-18.00: Introduction to the rest of the evening by Mårten Toll-Söderblom, Managing Director, Orange Cyberdefense Denmark

18.00-19.00: The bar is open, network with Orange Cyberdefense’s experts & vendors

19.00-22.00: Dinner

22.00-24.00: The bar is open, network and music

In addition, we are currently working on confirming an external C-level keynote speaker and a customer case which we hope to reveal in January 2023 along with a detailed agenda for the whole day.

Furthermore, you also have the opportunity to meet our vendors Palo Alto Networks, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd – Denmark, Vectra, Fortinet, NetClean, Microsoft, Netskope, AlgoSec and Proofpoint. Besides being present the whole day, you can meet them in different break-out sessions where they will share their thoughts about the current threat landscape, how their cyber security solutions tap into this and why they are relevant for you.

Keynote speakers

Charl Van der Walt

Head of Security Research

Orange Cyberdefense Group

Mia Landsem

Security Consultant / Ethical Hacker / Pentester

Orange Cyberdefense Norway

Ulrik Ledertoug

Director of Business Development and Services

Orange Cyberdefense Denmark

Michaela Wigelius

Partner Sales Executive


Søren Pedersen

Chief Security Officer

Orange Cyberdefense Denmark

Tom Engly



Grant Paling 

Product Manager

Global Service Lines

Michael Andersen

Management philosopher and ransomware hostage negotiator

Meet Michael Andersen, Management philosopher and ransomware hostage negotiator who invites you into the war-room and shows what happens behind closed doors after an extensive cyber-attack has striked.

Meet Charl van der Walt, Head of Research, who will give us an insight into his work at Orange Cyberdefense. 


Climate Change, Tracking the key themes in cybersecurity that are shaping the landscape

Cybersecurity is a complex problem that emerges from the interaction of a complex set of powerful systemic factors. While we focus our attention daily on addressing the emergent 'symptoms' of this system, we cannot hope to get ahead of the threat until we start to understand what causes the challenges we face daily.

We can think about the relationship between weather and climate: We understand that when it rains we need to carry an umbrella. But to understand when it's going to rain, and to understand why it's raining more than before... we need to understand the climate.

In this presentation we describe the systemic factors that shape the cybersecurity climate, then examine the factors that are shifting at the moment and are likely to affect the threat landscape we will have to deal with in the months and years to come. We will use unique insights and data gleaned from our operational security intelligence and security research to explain the current changes in 'climate' and predict the 'weather' we will soon all have to deal with.


A short introduction to Orange Cyberdefense and our main focus areas in 2023


Intelligence-Led Managed Services knowing you better than you know yourself

How Orange Cyberdefense has crafted not only a set of individual managed services that stand out in their own right, but how the intelligence at the heart of what we do is central to everything and our future vision for doubling down on this approach.


A day in the life of an ethical hacker


Child sexual abuse material - why it’s a security threat that should be on every CISO’s radar


The hostage negotiator - my Life in a war-room

On 9. June 2021 at 10:31 the emergency alarm goes off at Michael Andersen. It was the start of one of the Nordic countries' most extensive cyber-attacks on a supply chain.

In this lecture, Michael Andersen takes the audience back to 14 days in a war-room. What happens behind closed doors?:

What do you talk to the hostage takers about? How did you establish a crisis organization? What intelligence did you have to work with? What did the enemy look like?

Breakout session: Speakers

Amir Comae

Specialist Prisma Cloud

Palo Alto Networks

From code to cloud – how to keep your data safe

Insightful presentation on cloud security with a focus on compliance and development lifecycle security from code to cloud. Learn how Palo Alto Networks integrate security into your development process, identify and remediate vulnerabilities, and keep your code and data safe in the cloud.


Balder Borup

Cloud Security Engineer

Check Point Software Technologies

Achieving cloud security with confidence across clouds

Get an overview of how to secure your journey towards the clouds in everything from hybrid to multi-cloud environments.


Christian Rutrecht

SE Director

Fortinet Danmark

NIS2 & Cybersecurity – What does it mean in practice?

Reports from Fortinet's Threat Intelligence Center shows that Denmark was one of the countries in Scandinavia, that was highly exposed to cyber attacks in 2022. In this session, you will learn which types of attacks, you as a company should be most aware of in 2023. We will show you which types of attacks are the most common right now and place this into a NIS2 context. NIS2 is on everyone’s “Top of Mind”, but do you know how to convert the conversation about the topic to something concrete you can work with in practice?

We present you - two concrete practical examples - which focus on the consolidation of IT/OT and how you build the technical data base for incident plans, as well as the control elements that can be used in relation to defining a continuous security strategy held up against the NIS2 regulation.

Teppo Halonen


Vectra AI

Using Attack Signal Intelligence to Detect and Respond to attack

As the attack surface and attack sophistication grows, we need to look for modern ways of responding to the complexity and scale. Just doing more of the same is not an option. In this session, we will be discussing one of the elements of OCD’s managed threat detection services, that is powered by Vectra.

You will get a peek behind the buzz-words like AI and Machine Learning, and get an understanding how OCD is leveraging the same types of Data Science as e.g. ChatGBT to power the Managed Threat Detection service.


Adenike Cosgrove

Cybersecurity Strategy, International


Seeing the attacker’s view: A people-centric approach to security

ABSTRACT: Modern attackers have pivoted to targeting people. A simple internet search can tell them all they need to know about who has access to the system or data they are targeting. You likely know that Business Email Compromise, ransomware and data theft, is costing organisations billions.  But do you know why these attacks continue to reach new levels of success?

Join this session to learn how you can identify your most attacked and riskiest users and design better control strategies to stop these attacks before they reach your employees and steal your data.


Philip Wiberg

Senior Solutions Engineer


Guardicore – now part of Akamai

Demystifying modern software based segmentation and the value that it brings to organizations by reducing the risk and impact of breaches, where it fits with a Zero Trust strategy and how it increases cyber resiliency.



How to get there

It’s easy to travel to Hotel Prindsen in Roskilde either by car or by train from Copenhagen Airport, Copenhagen Central Station, or any other city in Denmark.

Hotel Prindsen is placed in the middle of the old town center in Roskilde only a five-minute walk from Roskilde Train Station.

If you go by car, you can park at the small courtyard behind the hotel or at one of the two big parking lots at Stændertorvet or Sankt Peders Stræde. The parking lots are located only a few minutes’ walk from Hotel Prindsen.

Regardless of where you park in the center of Roskilde, you get two hours parking for free. Just remember to register your parking in a parking app such as EasyPark or ParkMan as soon as your park. Parking is free from 18.00 to 08.00.

  • Please note that we will be taking pictures and record video during the event for marketing purposes. 
  • The event is for IT security decision makers, cybersecurity managers and cybersecurity experts from larger companies and public organizations. We reserve the right to reject registrants outside the target group.

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