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IoT/OT Security

OT, ICS and office IT are increasingly sharing networks.

Production, sensors, health and medical equipment are now increasingly interconnected with IT and cloud.

Often, these devices aren’t designed with security in mind, and they don’t play nice with your processes. The benefits of integration have led to increasing convergence between IT and OT networks. Businesses want to realize the potential of remote management, big data and advanced analysis to increase efficiency and capabilities. At the same time, increasing exposure and risk in industrial systems mean not only security challenges, but potentially also safety risks. The type of equipment affected can often pose physical risks to people and infrastructure, if they are not properly protected.

Keep control of proprietary protocols

A large part of industrial control systems uses proprietary protocols and software. Orange Cyberdefense provides solutions that enable non-intrusive network visibility and analysis for OT networks, supporting such proprietary protocols.

Well-designed segmentation with next-generation firewalls, separating production environments and equipment reduces the risk of unauthorized access. In addition, remote management solutions leveraging isolation provide the highest levels of security.

In addition to the technical solutions, Orange Cyberdefense provides Secure Detect services specifically designed for OT and industrial networks, with 24×7 detection and response capabilities.

The benefit of OT without the risk

With proper security mechanisms implemented for industrial networks, organizations can increase their competitive edge and benefit from the efficiencies when interconnecting environments. Effective OT security protects business-critical processes, systems and people, and reduces security vulnerabilities and incidents.

You’re not the only one…

Orange Cyberdefense works with customers in many different industries, with similar challenges related to the use of industrial control systems, SCADA environments, health and medical equipment, etc. Many challenges are the same, and security solutions must be applied across OT and IT environments to enable efficient operations and management.

IT/OT segmentation, reduce the size of your attack surface

Isolating OT from IT becomes paramount to maintaining productivity & ensuring the availability of production environments.


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