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World Watch

Ahead of the cyber storm

World Watch is a Managed Security Service that provides actionable security intelligence relevant to the business, its infrastructure, processes and applications, with specific and practical guidance wherever relevant. We work on behalf of the Customer to collect, analyse, prioritise, contextualise and summarise global, geographical and vertical threats, news, breaches as well as vulnerabilities from diverse internal and open sources. The whole security landscape is considered from malware to geopolitics. Our industrialized process ensures that major events in the cybersecurity space are taken into account to provide our customers with a continuous situational awareness. The purpose of World Watch is therefore to provide Security Managers and CISOs with a realtime view of current events that may impact their security operations and provide guidance regarding the optimal response to those events.

We have an eye on the threat landscape for you!

Modern cybersecurity operations are a bit like meteorology – they involve ingesting and processing a huge amount of information from diverse sources. These various data points are used by security teams to make minute-by-minute decisions on how to spend time and resources efficiently. The right decision keeps the organization out of the rain and saves precious time, money, and reputation.

Our World Watch service works on behalf of the customer to collect, analyze, prioritize, contextualize and summarise the essential threat and vulnerability data customers need to make informed decisions.

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Don't let the wrong decisions leave your organisation exposed.

We provide the info you need to stay out of the rain!

Intelligence collection and analysis

Analysts collect, triage and review multiple sources to determine relevance to specific business environments.

Regular security intelligence signals

Relevant and significant alerts are published to the portal as soon as they have been verified, analysed and appropriately categorised.


Support is available via email or the portal to assist with clarification or elaboration of specific advisories.

Actionable expert advice

Get first-hand recommendations on how to avoid risks and defend against attacks

World class intelligence delivered in a monthly report

  • Reduce the risk of a successful attack before it happens.
  • Reveal the most relevant risks in a crowded threat landscape.
  • Quickly take the right preventative measures.
  • Communicate on threats more effectively to colleagues and superiors.
  • Best of all: it is completely free of charge.

Get the latest World Watch monthly report delivered to your mailbox!

Stay ahead of threat actors! In the current report you can find the up-to-date information on what our adversaries are doing, what technologies are affected, breach trends and expert recommendations on how to best avoid and mitigate these risks.

If you want the most current report fill in the form. As an added benefit you will receive our future reports delivered to your mailbox as soon as they are published!


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