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SensePost Team, tell us who you are

SensePost Team, tell us who you are

SensePost is an ethical hacking business which was founded in South Africa in 2000 by Roelof Temmingh and Charl van der Walt in a bedroom in Centurion, Pretoria on Valentine’s Day of the year 2000. In 2007 it was acquired by leading independent British MSSP, SecureData Europe. In February 2019, together with SecureData, SensePost became part of Orange Cyberdefense.

With team members that include some of the world’s most preeminent cybersecurity experts, SensePost has helped governments and blue-chip companies both review and protect their information security and stay ahead of evolving threats. SensePost is also a prolific publisher of leading research articles and tools on cybersecurity which are widely recognised and used throughout the industry and feature regularly at industry conferences including BlackHat and DefCon.

From the 1st of August 2020, SensePost will be changing its company name to be Orange Cyberdefense, while its original name will remain to define one of the ethical hacking teams of Orange Cyberdefense. Dominic White, CEO of SensePost says: “We’re excited to be part of Orange Cyberdefense, with a strong cultural overlap both in a commitment to deep hacking and research, as well as high-quality work and delightful customer service”. He further adds: “We think this will improve the depth and breadth of our ability to help our customers with the security challenges they’re facing.

There are two ways we’re doing that; the first is by having our SensePost team work with the other Orange Cyberdefense ethical hacking teams, the second is to expand our service offerings with more managed security services in the South African territory”. SensePost have been working closely with several of the ethical hacking teams in Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, France, Norway and more to share ideas and learn from each other. For its customers, this means a better quality of service – better diversity of ideas and ways of working. It’s not often you get to speak frankly with seven of your previous competitors and merge the parts into a greater whole. It also means they have more capacity and a wider geographical reach which will result in shorter lead times and faster travel times. For its people and potential future people, it means they can more easily hire across Europe or give people experiences in other countries.

Onto the second point, SensePost are keen to broaden their ability to help African customers with security problems. For many years now, SensePost hasn’t been a South African only company, they also have UK team based in the London office and they work as one.

Dominic shares further: “We know changes like this always raise questions of “What else will change?” with the hidden question being “What will change for the worse?” I remember saying the same thing when SensePost was first bought out by SecureData. Our core remains the same, I joined SensePost a decade ago, attracted to that core, I spent the last decade living it, and now I have the honour of leading it. It’s not just me though, we still believe and live Dan Geer’s words “Work like hell, share all you know, abide by your handshake, and have fun.”

So here’s to the next 20 years. I hope we have the honour of working with you reading this; by helping keep your company safe, working as a member of our team, or collaborating on open source security research”.

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