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Master your IT environment, from deployment to operation

Orange Cyberdefense has been active in the field of setting up datacenter solutions which cover, among other things, the management of storage, servers, virtualization and/or the setting up of cloud solutions for more than 10 years.

The objective of integration services is to master the lifecycle of a complex IT solution, from deployment to operation. The aim is to build an efficient and safe environment.
Our level of expertise with our partners allows us to combine solutions with each other in order to offer you a unique solution adapted to your needs.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) combines common data center hardware using locally attached storage resources with intelligent software that replaces the traditional infrastructure consisting of separate servers, networks, and storage arrays. It offers, among its advantages, a reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), improved performance and increased productivity within IT teams.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Previously known as the light client, all of the technologies for moving the client station from the server to the workstation have evolved using server virtualization technologies to arrive today at the notion of “virtualization of the workstation”. (VDI “Virtual Desktop Infrastructure” concept). We have created a unique approach by combining the solutions of leaders in their field.


Our team of skilled storage technology experts specializes in Delivery and Management, ensuring efficient solutions and ongoing support for your data storage needs. With years of industry experience, we guarantee top-notch results and design customized strategies based on your unique data requirements. Our dedicated support ensures optimal performance with minimal downtime, prioritizing data security through robust measures. Partner with us for streamlined storage solutions, tailored strategies, efficient implementation, and proactive support, ensuring secure and accessible data. Propel your business forward with our expertise. Contact us today for a transformative storage journey. 


Are you looking for a partner capable of designing and implementing backup solutions to protect you against the risk of computer disasters, theft, water damage and fire by backing up your critical data to our highly secure datacenter or to yours?
We work with leaders in their field. 

Service Room and DC

We can provide you with essential data centre equipment. This includes air conditioning and temperature management, racks and cabinets for equipment storage, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to ensure a continuous power supply, and cabling to ensure reliable connectivity. 

We rely on strong partnerships with the industry's leading manufacturers and suppliers to provide you with the best hardware solutions. 


We provide expert compute solutions and professional support. Our certified professionals excel in design, implementation, upgrade, and management services, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. With skilled experts, diverse certifications, valuable partnerships, and comprehensive services, we offer tailored solution design, efficient implementation, proactive management, and smooth integration. Partner with us for cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled support. Trust our expertise to drive innovation and maximize your IT investments. Contact us now for a transformative journey. 


Our experienced engineers set up and maintain stable, high-performance systems. Whether it's managing your servers, carrying out migrations or ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of your systems, we're there to support you. We update, secure and optimise your operating systems for maximum performance. Our team applies industry best practice for efficient management, rapid problem resolution and continuous availability. Whether you need complete management or additional support for your team, our services are tailored to your specific needs. Working closely together, we offer customised solutions to help you achieve your objectives. Trust our responsive and dedicated team to meet all your operating system challenges.


Discover the benefits of virtualisation with our specialist expertise. We offer advanced solutions for server and desktop virtualisation using the best technologies on the market. For server virtualisation, we work with Nutanix and VMWare to consolidate resources, improve operational efficiency and maximise server utilisation. For desktop virtualisation, we specialise in Citrix, Frame and VMWare Horizon for a fluid and secure user experience, centralised management and enhanced mobility. Our certified team works closely with you to design virtual environments tailored to your needs. Together with our partners, we offer the best technologies and practices in the industry. Benefit from our expertise, tailored solutions and successful implementation. Maximise the benefits of virtualisation: resource consolidation, cost reduction, flexibility and security. 


As partners of the market leaders in storage (NetApp, Huawei, Nutanix), backup (Veeam, Hycu, Rubrik, Commvault) and computing (Lenovo, Supermicro, HPE, etc.), we are your preferred partner for server solutions. Our tailor-made solutions are perfectly suited to your needs. Thanks to our solid partnerships, you can benefit from the most advanced storage, backup and computing technologies. Whether you need high-performance storage, reliable backup or powerful servers, we have the solution. Our approach combines an in-depth understanding of your needs, customised solutions with the best technologies and secure migration. Choose our services for cutting-edge expertise, strong partnerships and tailored solutions. Find out how our server solutions optimise your IT infrastructure. 

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