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Orange Cyberdefense Launches Malware Cleaner in The United Kingdom and South Africa

Widely in use throughout Europe by local government, defense contractors, energy providers, automotive manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and their global satellite offices, Malware Cleaner adds a layer of reassurance preventing malware traversing from USB devices and Android mobile phones into internal networks.

Either at the local terminal or via centrally managed remote scanning, entire supported Microsoft Windows™, Linux and Android file-systems, folders, compressed and encrypted archives or individual files are able to be analysed for known or suspected malware using up to 8 leading anti-malware detection applications. Known malicious or suspicious files could be automatically quarantined for further inspection or deleted through the chosen configuration. Malware Cleaner further supports the transfer of non-malicious files to a secured secondary USB device using the ‘White Station’ capability.

Adaptable to the organisation’s security policies, Malware Cleaner supports the ‘signing’ of files as having been scanned and decontaminated. The installed Malware Cleaner agent will then disallow the use of files that have not been scanned and signed.

Malware Cleaner is available as standalone software installed on existing hardware, a full-sized kiosk, mini-kiosk or “nomad” USB key to suit all environments and budgets.

More information is available through the Datasheets option under the Insights link. Alternatively please contact your local Orange Cyberdefense office to arrange a full demonstration of the additional layers of anti-malware protection offered by Malware Cleaner.

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