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To achieve true success, an inclusive and diverse workplace is essential.

As a large player in the cyber industry, we have a responsibility to empower all employees, particularly women, to create value through and for digital. Starting with our leadership, in Orange Cyberdefense we know that diversity is key to unlocking innovation, creativity, mental well-being, and overall business performance. 

Our campaign #NoBiasInCyber highlights the importance of diversity in cybersecurity, going beyond the principle of gender. The women in Orange Cyberdefense don't question what it's like to be a woman in cyber, they simply see themselves as experts in their field, and we praise them for their outstanding work and passion for what they do!


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"The stereotypical image of the man in the hoodie no longer stands. The field of cybersecurity now covers all profiles, and the brain war is raging. We can't deprive ourselves of 50% of the talent. We need women who shine in all our professions! Managers, be active allies in promoting diversity and inclusion". Ladies, dare to come and make a difference in an area that is shaping our digital future. Hugues Foulon, CEO of Orange Cyberdefense

How we put words into actions

The Orange Group have signed a partnership with Women4Cyber, a non-profit European private foundation dedicated to promoting and encouraging the participation of women in the field of cybersecurity.

With this partnership we will action a series of internal activities aimed at building a gender-inclusive cybersecurity community.


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