Red Teaming

SensePost assessments

Significantly more sophisticated than an internal assessment, Red Team assessments simulate real-world, covert, multi-phase attacks as they would be performed by real and persistent criminals.

These assessments are based around “goals” agreed up front which have a significant impact on the focus of the assessment. Careful thought and planning need to go into the goals, considering possible security failures in your most important business functions. For example, a goal could be to gain access to a material amount of money, or secret business information, or large amounts of data under regulatory scrutiny. These goals are important for replicating a real-world attack, as real criminals have such motives. The methods used to attain these goals are as unrestricted as feasible, allowing for any likely attack scenario to be played out.

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Key Benefits

  • Ongoing, real-world attack: Our ethical hackers attack an organisation’s users, web estate, public-facing applications and perimeter just like a determined and motivated attacker would while providing opportunities for defenders to test incident response and detection capabilities.

  • Post-exploitation actions on objectives: With a foothold inside the organisation, focus shifts to targeting specific IT infrastructure that would help in achieving a set of pre-determined goals. In contrast to the breadth approach in an internal network assessment, a Red Team assessment has a clear goal in mind, leveraging anything to help achieve that. With carefully thought through goals, this actions on objectives phase aims to help demonstrate risk by compromising important business-critical systems.

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