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Why we need do understand the underlying causes of the Solorigate attack and not ignore the signals

SolarWinds did not come out of the blue and should not be regarded as such. SolarWinds is the inevitable consequence of a powerful set of systemic factors that collectively produce a climate that is inherently volatile but can still be predicted.

While forecasts for a specific day may fail, the general tendency is driven by known forces and systems. This volatile context currently strongly favours the attacker over the defender. That is not going to change unless the systemic drivers that create it are dealt with.

In this session, Charl van der Walt, Head of Security Research and Nicolas Arpagian, Director of Strategy & Public Affairs, will explain how all businesses are unescapable targets or already victims of supply chain attacks as such and why SolarWinds is not just a random incident on the web, over their heads.

It’s time to stop ignoring the signals and embrace a new way of thinking and approaching security.

Expert panel

Charl van der Walt- Head of Security Research

Nicolas Arpagian – Director of Strategy & Public Affairs

Register for the event on Thursday February 25th, 16:00 GTM – 17:00 CET