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Want to take some cyber self-defense classes?

Your cybersecurity is a serious matter, you’d better call serious experts.

Today all companies are exposed to cyber risk, they must protect themselves to always stay ahead of the threat.

Our campaign is based on a fun and quirky approach playing on “self-defense” standards, to challenge on how well companies are protected in the digital space.

Three classic errors to demonstrate how awareness can help thwart attacks and how much cybersecurity requires strong expertise.

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Episode 1: How to protect yourself from spam?

Do you really think you can protect your computer and your business from spam and malware with a good armbar? Just ask Karim!

Episode 2: Don’t be overconfident on your data storage device!

Phil thought it was a good idea to use a USB key he was given at the latest tradeshow he attended, where he could store the company's results and his holiday photos. Phil was wrong. Discover why!

Episode 3: Watch out what you download.

Digital threats can come from anywhere, including what seems to be an innocent App! Suzanne believes you don't have to be very strong to stop them, just being on watch and agile. Is she right?

Build a safer digital society

Armbars can be useful in self-defense, but not to deal with cyber threats!

Did you know that cyber-attacks increased by 13% last year alone?! Any company can be attacked and cybercrime is the third largest economy in the world.

At Orange Cyberdefense we are the leading ​security services provider,​ supporting businesses globally. We combine market-leading technology with some of the industry's most talented experts to help organizations and businesses of all sizes manage threats. Every day we strive to build a safer digital society.

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