Webcast: Readiness, response, and getting back to business after a cyber crisis


There is a fine line between an incident and a crisis. A cyber incident is a small-scale event but if not properly managed can snowball into a crisis. 

A cyber-crisis creates high levels of uncertainty across the organisation, disrupting critical operations, financial revenue and potentially closing the business altogether. Organisations spend approximately €3.4 million responding to cyber-attacks. This includes costs associated with lost business, legal fees, and breach notification.

Join us on June 30, 9 am - 10 am BST to discover best practices and guidance on how to address a cyber crisis across all stages:

  • Before the crisis: discover how preparation is the key to victory
  • During the crisis: Respond efficiently in line with defined plans
  • After the crisis: Restore and prepare for the next crisis
  • Resources
  • Open Q&A

Arnaud Lautier 

Crisis Management Consultant, Orange Cyberdefense

Robinson Delaugerre 

Investigations Manager CSIRT, Orange Cyberdefense

Catherine Boddy 

Head of Vulnerability Operations Center, Orange Cyberdefense

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