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Assess & Advise

We help organisations plan and structure their security functions in the best way. Our seasoned experts help with advice and guidance, in both structured assessments and customised engagements.

Within Assess & Advise services, we offer:

  • Pre-defined assessment services with clear deliverables
  • Advisory & assessment services 
  • Customised services based on customer-specific requirements
  • Security architecture & consulting 
  • Security programs designed in accordance with business, compliance and risk factors
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Design & Implement

Within Design & Implement, Orange Cyberdefense provides

  • Solution architecture 
  • Optimised solution designs, enabling relevant functionality and integration synergies
  • Security technology experts
  • With the highest product certifications from both market-leading vendors and cutting-edge technologies, Orange Cyberdefense technology experts guide and assist customers in design and implementation
  • Project management

Project timelines, budgets, people and processes are equally as important as technology. Orange Cyberdefense’s solid experience from managing cross-organizational security projects gives customers confidence and frees up internal resources.

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Operate & Support

Orange Cyberdefense operates 4 NOC and support functions, equipped with leading security product experts. They operate your equipment proactively and prevent downtime. In case of incidents, they give you expert advice based on superior product knowledge and experience from many different customer environments.

Orange Cyberdefense offers the following service elements within Operate & Support:

  • A suite of services designed for efficient prevention, including next-generation endpoint management and vulnerability management
  • Maintenance & operations: operational services for leading security technology platforms delivered by product experts
  • 24×7 support services to help effectively manage product failures or incidents
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Detect & Respond

Orange Cyberdefense has a market-leading suite of advanced Managed Detection and Response services. We help customers design and build fully customized SOCs on-site.

We deliver managed services:

  • Leveraging security log data and SIEM platforms, log-based monitoring can vastly boost detection capabilities
  • Advanced intelligent network analysis helps identify malicious activity and enables breaking the attack chain at an early stage
  • Endpoint detection and response technology can be your last line of defense and protect in scenarios where other controls fail
  • Response times are essential: optimized processes and experience in handling cyber crisis are part of our daily work, and you can profit from that
  • We deliver 24×7 security detection and response services

Advanced MDR to outsource or in complement to your own capabilities: choose the service level to fit your needs. Supreme detection, rapid quarantine of infected endpoints, malware analysis, and CSIRT services are all available within the suite of services.

Minimizing damage with MDR

Awareness & Training

Defense against attacks under real conditions is the best way to acquire the qualifications and expert knowledge that really help in an emergency.

Fit for emergencies

We are offering trainings for a wide range of security topics:

  • Hacking trainings
  • Security Orchestration & Automation (SOA)
  • NextGen SIEM & Log Management
  • AI-based flow analytics and intrusion detection
  • AI-supported user behavior analytics
  • Malware Detection & Analytics Platforms
  • External threat intelligence
  • Incident Response Systems
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Fight smarter, not harder!

To get ahead of the storm, one has to know the weather. And for long-term planning, it is inevitable to get expert insight into climate changes.

Though the cyber threat landscape appears to be volatile, fast-changing and chaotic at first glance, it is driven by systemic forces. Reading these forces will result in better, more effective prevention, detection and response.

That is why intelligence is at the heart of everything we do.

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