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Managed Endpoint Security

We secure your endpoints while you focus on the core of your business

Your endpoints are business-critical. Protecting them is, too.

Endpoint protection has always been of great importance; but today, business acceleration phenomena such as cloud adoption, hybrid infrastructures, and remote working have resulted in an increase of the importance of endpoint protection. According to the Security Navigator 2024, almost 55% of the incidents registered in 2023 were targeted towards endpoints, which represent the no.1 target among the incident ranking.

In consequence, endpoint protection, detection and especially fast response capabilities are key to containing threats and costs of potential data breaches.

A seamless solution for Endpoint security

Managed Endpoint Security is a all-in-one managed detection and response service for your endpoints. With our remediation-first strategy, we prevent threats, detect sophisticated attacks and respond rapidly. All of it fueled with our Cyber Threat Intelligence and based on a market-leading EDR technology.


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The best solution to tackle your endpoint-related challenges

Protect endpoints from threats

We provide you with an end-to-end endpoint security service to quickly cover your endpoint risks.

Detect and prevent sophisticated threats

We leverage the AI/ML based detections of market leading EDR solutions and enhance them with our proprietary Cyber Threat Intelligence.

Remediate threats before impact

We proactively remediate threats on your endpoints to stop attacks before they further compromise your network.

Have the rights skills to investigate incidents

We notify you about security incidents and support you with in-depth investigations when you need it.

Remediation before impact

When a threat is detected on your endpoints, every second counts to contain the threat and limit its damage to your environment and reputation. The challenge is to reduce the between detection and response. The sooner a security incident is contained, the smaller the impact of the security breach.

With Managed Endpoint Security, Orange Cyberdefense embraces a remediation-first strategy to quickly take containment actions on threats. This helps you to reduce:

  • the likelihood of more infections in your environment
  • the risk of sensitive data being discovered and extracted
  • the overall cost of incident response and the security incident overall

Why Orange Cyberdefense?

Detection & Response coverage

Our detection engineering teams fill the gaps to ensure you have the most comprehensive XDR service on the market.

Comprehensive response service options to complement your own abilities in an optimal way.

Experience and Intelligence

We work at a global scale, with more than 150 CyberSOC analysts and 120+ security intelligence professionals in the CERT, delivering MDR services for over 19 years.

Our local teams work closely with our customers to continuously improve detection and response abilities.

Established leaders on the market

Our analyst & market recognition and our continued growth mean you’re in capable hands.

In fact, in the latest Market Guide on Managed Detection and Response, Gartner listed Orange Cyberdefense as a Representative Vendor.

Incident Response Hotline

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