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Intelligence-led security

Intelligence-led security is the compass that guides you

Navigate through the threat landscape

In the current cybersecurity landscape some people have the ability to see, forecast and better navigate through today's challenges. Even when faced with unpredictable circumstances they have the ability to place themselves in more favorable positions. Intelligence-led security acts as a vector of clarity in the face of the vagueness and complexity that our clients may encounter. It is a compass to find one's way in a constantly changing threat landscape.

What are the factors that make it more complex to understand ?
  • Commoditization of hacking tools
  • Cy-X - Cyber Extortion
  • Government hacking / hacktivism
  • Changing environment
  • IT Complexity
  • Vulnerabilities

Why is intelligence-led security the way forward?

Find signals in the noise

Identifying the signals to focus on is hard when your only available angle is limited to your organization.

Make best use of security tech

It is important to use the full capacity of current security technologies and know which ones are future-proof.

Focus on real incidents

Potential vulnerabilities are one thing, but what is actively exploited often is a different matter.

Invest where it makes sense

Budget is limited, so make sure to spend it where it has the most impact.

Our intelligence, your advantage

Our research

  • Security Research Center
  • In house R&D
  • Security Navigator
  • Epidemiology Labs Reports

Our reach

  • Cyber extortion groups
  • Cybercriminal underground
  • Emerging vulnerabilities
  • Attacker infrastructure probing

Our people

  • 250+ experts dedicated to R&D and threat research
  • 20% of pentesters’ time is dedicated to research
  • 120+ in our international CERT continuously synthesizing threat intelligence

Our customers

  • Quantity: data collected during client assignments
  • Quality: diversity of our clients allows us to broaden the richness of our data

The Intelligence-led approach drives action

Delivering an Intelligence-led approach for adaptive cyberdefense

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